Claumak Dean

Claumak Dean

Global Consultancy Firm

We consult & advise on the granting of licenses for natural minerals

Who We Are

The Claumakdean Group was founded in May 2021 in Dublin, Ireland. We are a global consultancy firm who consult & advise on the granting of licenses for natural minerals such as gold & diamonds as well as agricultural and manufacturing projects.

Corporate & Social Responsibility

We want to establish partnerships between global companies and governments who have shown policies in relation to human rights, such as child labour, human trafficing and environmental policies.

Working with both government and private operated mines

Our Key Service Areas


We establish a partnership between global food & beverage manufacturing companies & local governments to support local employment, self-sufficiency, training local farmers and to develop a local supply chain.


We have established a framework to secure a licence to position a satellite over the DRC to deliver data services to 80 million subscribers, through which we can provide Voip, mobile telephone services, broadband, tracking, live stream and cyberpay.

Natural Minerals

We currently work closely with government and semi-private mines to establish a blanket mining cooperative for export around the world. We have established strong working partnerships with commercial entities, who are looking for new opportunities. We work closely with local cooperative farmers to train and gain access to more sustainable ways of mining. We also introduce these cooperatives to commercial entities who want a presence in the DRC to extract, trade and export minerals. We hold a comptoir licence which enables us to buy gold locally on behalf of new and existing clients.

About Us

The directors of Claumak Dean have a united goal to establish working partnerships with commercial entities around the world whilst enhancing the livelihoods and well being of the local people.

As the DRC is such a vast economy with a highly motivated population we believe that by applying careful investment strategies incorporating social responsible programs, that we will become a corporate entity of significance. Our goal is to improve the DRC economic outlook and to enhance the lives of African people in general.

As one of our company directors is from the democratic republic of congo, we act as a bridge between our clients & the African government to help guide the process & required negotiations.

As a company we are very conscious of our duty of care & responsibility. We only represent companies & governments that have a proven track record when it comes to human rights to include child labour & anti-slavery policies.

Just some of the key areas
we look to work in are

Telecommunications, Satellite & Data

Mining, Refining, Cooperative

Agriculture farming cooperative

Finance, investment & insurance


Latest Projects

Project 1

In conjunction with the DRC government & the European Union we have recently engaged with a large European dairy manufacturer to establish a manufacturing plant near Kinshasa.
Our client’s manufacturing plant is totally autonomous from an energy perspective as the plant generates its own power. Our objective with this project is to support & develop job creation in the area as well as to develop and support the local food industry which will reduce dependency on imported dairy goods.

Project 2

We are currently establishing comptoir licenses for a global investment company. The licenses are in relation to diamond & gold thorough government managed mines.

Project 3

We are in advanced discussions with a global pharma distribution company to distributed healthcare products throughout the DRC.

Project 4

We are in the process of establishing the protocols of agreement between the minister of mining in the DRC and a well reputed company within the UAE.

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